Bringing Information Security to the Boardroom

A cybersecurity breach can be devastating for a business. Therefore, it’s essential that board members take cybersecurity seriously and make it a top priority.

Cyberattacks, data breaches and ransomware are increasing rapidly in frequency and cost. This makes them a serious corporate governance issue that impacts every business and organisation. In a recent report directors identified cybersecurity as one of their top threats.

The issue is that often the leadership of a company as well as its board lacks a clear understanding of how to reduce security risks and protect sensitive information. This is due to a lack of communication between the boardrooms and IT professionals.

This is the reason it’s essential to ensure that the boardroom is provided with secure ways to receive crucial information. LBMC provides a range of products to ensure that the information said in a boardroom remains there. For instance, RF windows films can ward off eavesdropping and electronic data theft during meetings in conference rooms. In addition, our privacy window films are a good option for offices as well as other workspaces.

When it is time to discuss cybersecurity with the boardroom, CISOs have to present their thoughts in language that is understandable to the management and board team. They should be able to clearly explain the magnitude of the threat and show how to prioritize the investment necessary to mitigate the risk. They should stay clear of “geekspeak” and provide an approach to cybersecurity that is based on risk. This quantification method provides the management team and board with a structure to make informed strategic decisions.

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